breathe in & breathe out




experiential design & digital prototyping

a day and night experience to become mindful and live in the present.

To be able to have a healthier life, you have to let go of your emotions and thoughts, and not let mindful-less moods ruin your day.


That’s why we will launch a new activation in South by Southwest (SXSW) that consists of different other ways of helping you live a mindful life than just meditating. We will focus on how to improve your quality of life quality during the day vs night. This activation will be accompanied by a new trail app with new features for Headspace.


breathe in

day experience: coffee shop to help you disengage
gif 3.gif


For your brain to disconnect from distractions and connect to serenity and concentration we created three-dimensional soundscapes scenarios.

coffee shop.png

You'll see the water and trees peacefully moving...

& connect


To live in the present we need to release the feelings and thoughts that haunt our minds. With the LET-GO CABIN, you can let all those feelings out without being heard.


To support The CABIN we offer special features on the Breathe In & Breathe Out app.

cabin 1.png
cabin 2.png
Talking-space-gif (1).gif
phone layout.png
day mood 1.jpg
phone layout.png


breathe out

night experience: club to help you disengage

& disconnect


Like Breathe In, we created three-dimensiona soundscape scenarios to target the disengaging of your brain. This will help your quality sleep and enhance your daily activities.

chairs night.png
phone layout.png


After disconnecting your brain, you'll be offered a ride home specialized in not disturbing your sleeping process.


You'll arrive home ready to sleep for the rest of the night. 

night mood 1.jpg
phone layout.png

You'll see the peacefully sway of the waters moving...

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