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product development & creative data


Partners in crime:

Priscilla de La Cruz - DR Copy Writer

David Tolosa Medina - Colombia Copy Writer

Melisa Rodriguez - Argentina Art Director

Camila Guerrero - Peru Art Director

first AI technology that fuels young creatives By helping them reimagine the world of play.

Not always children are able to a proper guide to travel their roads of play and creativity.


As kids grow, they lose the essence of creativity because of everyone else's reality of the world. Becoming more realistic and less imaginative.

ImAIginari, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, will create the opposite effect on kids. Allowing them to be who they want to be, fueling their imagination, and allowing them to reimagine the world as they see fit. This AI will groom kids into becoming their own creative masters.

a friend to reimagine

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story - new friends

New friends is a compilation of several 35-second radio spot stories. These pieces will tell the story of how Thomas went from being repressed creatively to becoming the master creator of his own reality. 

Data Process



Collect and analyze behavioral and emotional children psychology. Know how to propose activities to stimulate their inner curiosity and imagination.


Learn from their children. Target special activities to their needs and wants. Collect their emotional and behavioral data.


Inform the parents of data collected through an app:

    - how much the kid plays during the day

    - inform concerning signs

    - how many laughs a day

    - etc.



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