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a journey to self-acceptance and vulnerability


I've always wanted to write about myself. Sounds altruistic, yes. But whenever I tell people the things I’ve accomplished, they tend to believe me to have all the privileges and benefits I could only dream of.

I've cried, plead, and developed an unbelievable patience in the journey to where I am today. Which honestly, at the moment still feels like nowhere to me but somewhere to others.

I'm not really well accomplished (yet).
I've done things I'm really proud of like winning a couple of awards and being handpicked for a unique opportunities. But accomplished? Not sure I still have a long way ahead of me and so much more to learn. 

What I have done though, is been successful at a series of events that were thought to destroy anyone. And that’s what I want to talk about. About how I've discovered my demons and how I’ve been able to successfully slowly defeat them and grow. 

I'll open up my vulnerabilities.

I’ll open up in the hopes of making others stronger and capable.

From here on out, you’ll find that within me, you might find inspiration to succeed in what you might think of your doom.

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