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Partners in crime:

Priscilla de La Cruz - DR Copy Writer

Erick Pimentel - DR Art Director

product design

Make a statement with a sip of the activist edition can of our Prohibition Brew.

To make this uprising generation feel affiliated to the brand, we gave them a reason to drink.


This new generation feels passionate about standing up for what is right. They've become innate activists and we wanted to celebrate this with them. ZERO Hate Buds celebrate fighting the intolerance with each sip.

04_ZERO Hate Buds_Homophobia Can.jpg
homophobia can 2.png

© 2021 Shirley Solano Larrauri

04_ZERO Hate Buds_Racism Can.jpg
racism can.png
racism can 2.png
04_ZERO Hate Buds_Sexism Can.jpg
sexism can.png
sexism can 2.png
homophobia can 2.png
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