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COMMENDED Creative Conscience Awards '21

A promotional day For the iconic showroom to be moved outdoors. 

We spend most of our time indoors, which fuels our stress, anxiety, and depression, making people feel miserable.


Ikea, a company that enhances our indoor stay, is taking responsibility to help change how we spend our time by celebrating their own day encouraging people to explore the outdoors. We will create a discount promotion for those who visit the stores. What people won't know is that to be able to get the discount, they will need to explore our new outdoor showroom. The more time they spent, the less they will pay.

We spend most of
our time indoors. Fueling our
anxiety, and depression.
making us feel miserable.

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Friluftsliv day


Our world has many beautiful experiences to offer.
Yet we spend most of our time indoors
missing out on the beauty of nature and fresh air. 

We decided we had enough 
of people turning their backs to nature.
We don't only want to specialize
in making indoors a prime experience
but we also want to make sure
you treat yourself to a Friluftsliv day. 

Friluftsliv when passion of nature bleeds through the heart.
Friluftsliv when dreaming of mountains isn't enough.
Friluftsliv when laying in the grass and counting the stars.


We promise to make you fall in love
with the romanticism of our roots, once again.
With the simpleness of the world.
With the unexpected charms of nature.
Not only for you. But for nature.




Friluftsliv Day.

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the day

walk more pay less

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