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A biophilic showroom experience for a design studio_


 conceptual design deck 

 experiential design 

 Green Studio RD 

You breathe. And expand.

Expand to the smallest corners and cracks.

Taking over -once again-

what it rightfully belonged to the earth.

It takes life of its own.

And expands.

Making of a home without remorse,

taking back its throne.

>> Walking Through The Space <<

We want you to feel like the place you are walking in is alive -

as if the space is something that matters as much as our lives.

Story telling screens_

Each screen with its own story about products, nature, and diverse projects. 


All with a raunchy style, almost home-filmed. Making it look familiar, not perfect yet beautiful and elegant - just like nature.

Tactile spaces_

Learn more of how the materials are used, how they feel, and their advantages.


Get familiar with the feeling of having something alive in your hands. This can be samples of greenery as well as knick-knacks to take home.

Breath and listen_

There is nothing more welcoming than the ingredients that nature provides our senses. 

With the essence of nature, we will create our own representation of earthly smells and sounds to invite passerby in.

>> Schematic Floor Plan <<

Entrance -

     area 1_

format plan 2 entrance.png
format plan 3 lobby.png

Lobby -

     area 2_

lobby revit 1d.png
format plan 4 store.png

Store Hall -

     area 3_

store hall.jpg
store hall revit_v2.jpg
format plan 5 greenhouse.png

Workshop -

     area 4_

workshop revit 1.jpg
format plan 4 store.png

Stairs -

     area 3b_


Elevation plan

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