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now you can virtually Foster a dog to stop them from being euthanized.

Dog shelters can't always care for all the stray dogs because of the cost. and not every dog lover can own one because of their life circumstances.


We will create a special edition for the already existing phone app, My Tamagotchi Forever, to give a chance to those who can't own dogs to have their own furry friend. This special edition will allow you to foster dogs virtually from shelters near you. Every time you virtually attend to the dog's need, you'll be donating to support their shelter. This way shelters can afford to care for their dogs and you can have the opportunity of being a dog parent. 

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donations to shelters

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The money you spend on buying diamonds will be donated to the dog's shelter. With the diamonds, you will buy items to attend to the virtual needs of your dog.

You'll be able to play and interact with them and see what it would really mean to have a dog in your life.

© 2021 Shirley Solano Larrauri

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Through your location, you'll be able to unlock dogs from your nearest shelters. They'll be able to visit them at the shelter and officially adopt them if they end up falling in love with them after the experience.